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Food To The Rescue

In Just 5 Easy Steps - Introduce your family to healthy living for life

By Dr. Jennifer Shell D.C.
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ISBN 13: 978-1-62652-054-7
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Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 4/5/2013

Battling against cutesy cartoon characters leering from television sets and store shelves, mile-long ingredient lists that read like a foreign language, and a chemically enhanced food culture, many of us feel like we cannot win the fight for healthy kids. At least not while keeping any sense of sanity and dignity at mealtime.

As a result, today’s parents are raising the first generation of kids who will not live longer than their moms and dads due to health problems caused by poor diets. But even if you feel like you are short on time—and patience—for getting good meals to your kids, you don’t have to add to the negative statistics.

In fact, it was the daily mealtime struggle with her own children that inspired author and chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Shell to create an easy-to-understand guidebook for parents.

Food to the Rescue gathers all the information you need to make educated, healthy diet choices. Learn how to avoid processed and genetically modified foods, how to find the right kind of fats, how to make sweets kids love without diabetes-causing corn syrup or sugar’s unhealthy, low-calorie alternatives, and much more.

Along with Dr. Shell’s nutritional tips, she also guides frazzled parents on how to slowly introduce healthy foods to kids to avoid a household uprising. It’s time to take back control of you and your children’s health. It’s time for Food to the Rescue.

Dr. Jennifer Shell is a Chiropractor and practices in Grosse Pointe Woods Michigan. She graduated from Michigan State University and obtained her Doctorate from The National University of Health Sciences in Lombard Illinois. Her emphasis is on clinical nutrition and she utilizes Nutrition Response Testing. She is passionate about helping people heal naturally, by changing their diets and incorporating specific high quality supplements. Dr.Shell's other focus is her husband and two small sons.

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