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Coyote Summer

By J. S. Kapchinske
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Heath always enjoyed summers at Grandpa’s—long days in the wild Rocky Mountains, fishing with Dad on the Piedra River, and sleeping on the screened porch. Plus this summer, Dad promised to tell him the secret about old Mrs. Baylis, a mysterious woman living down the dusty road… But now, after Dad’s accident, it can never happen that way. Heath and his mom go to Grandpa’s, but only to spread Dad’s ashes in the river.

At first, Heath feels like he's been swallowed by the raging Piedra, held upside down in some dark eddy. Then he meets Annie, a wild-eyed tomboy who shows him a cave with a litter of orphaned coyote pups. Together they discover the cave holds a secret that might help them figure out the mystery of Mrs. Baylis. As summer unfolds, Heath realizes there is both beauty and ugliness in the world, sometimes all tangled together. By opening himself up to Annie and the coyotes, he rediscovers hope and joy in this big, beautiful, mixed-up world.

J. S. Kapchinske grew up exploring Colorado’s Rocky Mountains with his coydog Goldberry.  He now works as a writer and environmental scientist in California, where you can find him surfing, backpacking and enjoying each moment he gets to spend with his wife and two sons.

Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-1-62652-094-3
Publisher: Moon Halo Books
Publication Date: 1/1/1900

Format: MOBI
ISBN 13: 978-1-62652-093-6
Publisher: Moon Halo Books
Publication Date: 1/1/1900

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