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The Episodes: Excursions to Other Dimensions

A Spiritual Memoir

By Sandy Maroney
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The Episodes relates stories of adventuresome journeys experienced during my meditations. I discovered higher dimensions and encountered an entrancing variety of individuals, some staying while others moved on. Always present is Ariel, my luminous guide and guardian angel. Just a flicker away are my buddies and devoted fans, electrified light beings, tiny fairies, the purest incarnation of peace and unconditional love. Fountains are their favorite place to play, from which they often burst with unbridled joy into spectacular visual extravaganzas.

These travels led me to faraway places. But home is Italy, a Tuscan village and its environs. Artwork by illustrators Shireen Hazou and Jesse Larson captures the warmth of the colorful settings graced by the ever-present fairies and Ariel, and the spectrum of characters who appear in various episodes. The Episodes impart an ambience of supreme peacefulness, a gift of transcendence from our strife-torn world to a realm of beauteous tranquility.

One day when she was little, Sandy went to a living room window of her family’s home in upstate New York. Facing west, she pointed and said to her mother, “California is out that way. Some day I will be in California.” And so it came to be.

Two years out of Adelphi University in New York, armed with a BA in psychology, Sandy and her newlywed husband boarded a United Airlines prop-plane bound for Los Angeles with two one-way tickets and $500 between them. California has been home ever since.

Many years passed. Then, in 2002, following a flash of epiphany, she ditched her office job in San Diego and went to Arizona to study astrology. A year later, she returned to California—her perspective galvanized. The Episodes is the oeuvre conceived in that revelation of eight years ago.

Presently, Maroney lives in San Francisco’s East Bay, counting the days until her return to some little beach town in southern California. She is the mother of two grown children. You can reach her at

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