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Get More Dates than Your Skinny Friends

A Curvy Girl's Guide to Conquering Men and the Competition

By Kat Bacon
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Get More Dates than Your Skinny Friends is a comprehensive dating guide for plus-size women. Author Kat Bacon touches on the general do's and don'ts of dating while reflecting on the experiences of herself and fellow curvy girls. Rather than a stuffy, binary critique of what you're doing wrong, Get More Dates offers helpful advice and real-life examples that cut to the core of what it means to date while curvy.

Kat Bacon is the founder of Curvy Girl Lifestyle and the creator of the 7-Step CCG Action Plan. She is a lifelong curvy girl who believes that confidence is the building block upon which all successes in life must be built.

Kat is on a mission to help curvy girls uncover their true potential and lead a life that is Hot, Healthy and Happy.

Since 1994, Kat has worked as an executive in the Financial Services Industry. With an emphasis on marketing and management, her professional experience makes her uniquely qualified in her second career as a curvy girl lifestyle coach.

Kat resides in Folsom, CA with her husband, Scott, son Spencer, daughter Cassidy and her Yorkie, Chloe.

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Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-1-62652-167-4
Publisher: Publish Green
Publication Date: 7/23/2013

Format: MOBI
ISBN 13: 978-1-62652-166-7
Publisher: Publish Green
Publication Date: 7/23/2013


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