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Strength for Life

A Virtue Program for Coaches, Teachers and Leaders to Transform Culture

By Lou Judd - SportsLeader
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The Strength for Life Manual is designed for Coaches, Teachers, Parents and Leaders who would like to intentionally integrate virtue into everything that they do. It has the resources necessary to help them teach virtue and character development qualities to their team.

As coaches most of us are always looking for good quotes, stories and other things to motivate our players. Wouldn't it be nice if someone already did the searching for you? Well we did!

Sample Virtue Themes:

Bold, Committed, Determined, Iron-Willed, Noble, Loyal, Respectful, Responsible, Tough, Self-Less

There are 72 different virtue themes to choose from so basically anything your team needs - we've got you covered.

Each Theme contains:

Questions for small group discussion 
Movie Clips 
Quotes and Resolutions

So let's say your team needed to work on being more committed. Well with the manual you have all of that above material at your fingertips.


SportsLeader is a virtue-based mentoring and motivation program for coaches of all ages, youth through professional, for boys, girls, young men and young women. It is for schools and teams, whether public or private, who are interested in a structured, intentional and specific method and curriculum to help teach virtue. 

It is flexible, easy to implement and is designed for the coach to integrate into their practice schedule. We can customize the program for your needs.


We work with schools and individual coaches personally to help them:

Establish a team motto, concrete and measurable team goals, a virtue of the week schedule-program that reinforces the daily living of the the team motto which in turn helps the team achieve its goals. 
In our coaches manual we have a set of 72 virtues to choose from with definitions, stories, discussion questions, quotes, resolutions, movie clips, etc. 

within the team where each player gets one-on-one attention every week.

Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-1-62652-470-5
Publisher: SportsLeader, Inc
Publication Date: 1/1/1900

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