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The Farmer's Bathroom Book

Country Humor & Mostly True Stories from the Farm

By Marvin Jensen
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Country Humor & Mostly True Stories from the Farm

You know you are a farmer when:
• Your daughter, working part-time at McDonald’s, makes twice as much money as you do.
• You drive a $275,000 tractor and a $500 car.
• You would love to see an animal rights activist’s Chihuahua eaten by a coyote.
• You look forward to retirement because your income will go up.

As a farmer since 1965, author Marvin Jensen gets it. He gets the financial and familial hardships that come with being a commercial farmer, which may or may not have contributed to is self-proclaimed eccentricity—although his wife prefers the term “mentally deranged.” From livestock and crop farming, to local lore, to even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Jensen recalls his farming and life experiences with utter candor and derisive humor.

The Farmer’s Bathroom Book is perfect for those with short attention spans, to be enjoyed while working on other, more important things.

Marvin Jensen is 73 years old. He can honestly say he was born in a log cabin (actually a log house), within 40 feet of where he now sleeps. He and Abe Lincoln. He is infected with the farming disease. While, he has worked off of the farm during periods of crisis, which seem to happen fairly often, he has always returned to full time farming as soon as the finances permitted. He loves beef cattle, tolerates pigs, and detests turkeys. Married Marlys-1966. Three Kids. Four Grandkids. Own 1900 acres respectable cropland. Raise corn & soybeans.

Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-1-62652-558-0
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Publication Date: 7/8/2014