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The Inheritance

By David C. Lavoie
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Format: Softcover
ISBN 13: 978-1-63413-237-4
LCCN: 2014921691
Trim Size: 5" x 8"
Number of Pages: 417
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 1/6/2015

Mary Dudley, a young Vermont woman with newborn twins, is abandoned by her husband and brother when they become Gold Rush adventurers.

While the men experience the exotic American colony in Panama and the gold fields of California, she is left to the mercy of friends and extended family. When her brother dies overseas, he bequeaths all family property to his Panamanian mistress.

This shocking calamity threatens Mary and her children with homelessness and poverty. She must defy her brother's curse in order to win her independence as a woman. In doing so, she is forced to consider a deal with a spurned suitor from her past.

A story of forgiveness, redemption and the transformation of hearts spanning the tumultuous period of Antebellum America, The Inheritance explores the devastation done to families left behind by adventurous men in the pursuit of wealth, and is based on actual family records. It presses the question of what we truly inherit.

David Lavoie has a passion for the foundations of our American society and a desire to bring great American stories to life, especially those that plumb moral and spiritual dilemmas. His family roots are in New England, but he has spent his adult life in North Carolina, Florida and Hong Kong. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Washington University in St. Louis.  He resides in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-1-63413-239-8
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 1/6/2015

Format: MOBI
ISBN 13: 978-1-63413-238-1
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 1/6/2015

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