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Wounded Wisteria

By Maithy Vu
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Cleo is a spirit suffering from her own destructive thoughts. Yearning for something to feed her hunger, she stumbles across those who are detrimental to her. The Great Peet’s influence is no different. When he asks, “Why is it you feel you have no choice?” she is quick to reply: “I hear your touch and feel your voice.”

When the story continues in the eyes of Peet, we meet the alluring Violet, for whom his love flourishes. Drawn to Violet’s grace, yet pulled by Cleo’s heartache, Peet grapples between purity and substance. 

Presented entirely in verse, each character in Wounded Wisteria embodies a different earthly element, while the story becomes a study of the power of perspective, and a testament to the youthful essence of craving and vulnerability inside the heart of us all.

Maithy Vu grew up in a city of fog and now lives in one of smog. In elementary school, she would bind her own stories with construction paper and put them on the class bookshelf. Wounded Wisteria is her first published book. She owes its style and imagery to her degree in Theater Arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz. You can visit her online at

Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-0-9963822-3-6
Publisher: red betta publications
Publication Date: 12/8/2015

Format: MOBI
ISBN 13: 978-0-9963822-6-7
Publisher: red betta publications
Publication Date: 12/8/2015

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