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Authentic Healing

A Practical Guide for Caregivers

By Kathi J. Kemper, M.D., M.P.H.
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Format: Softcover
ISBN 13: 978-1-63413-959-5
LCCN: 2015920572
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Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Publication Date: 3/8/2016

“A much-needed guide to fostering a healing presence — a practical combination of the art and science of healing, suitable for caregivers and health professionals alike. Authentic Healing is a true classic from an authentic healer.”
—Andrew Weil, MD, author of Successful Aging

Whether you are a health professional or a lay person caring for a family member or friend, Authentic Healing offers essential practical wisdom. Combining ancient practices with modern science, Dr. Kemper brings her wealth of experience as a physician into this practical, step-by step, easy to-read handbook.

Authentic Healing answers common questions such as:
• What’s the difference between healing and curing?
• Who can heal?
• How do I prepare?
• Does it work?
• How does this compare with traditional healing from China and India?
• Can healing be done in teams?
• Can healing occur at a distance?
• What can recipients do between sessions?

If you’re interested in becoming a more effective healer, this is the book you need.

Dr. Kemper brings to this book over 30 years of experience as a medical doctor who trained and taught at prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and the University of Chicago, as well as UNC, University of Washington, University of Wisconsin, The Ohio State University, and Wake Forest University. She has published over 160 research papers in peer-reviewed journals and is widely sought by media such as ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, and Redbook. After completing her medical training, she studied with some of America’s most noted healers. Her experience, compassion and wisdom combine to create Authentic Healing, the standard text on scientific, yet spiritual, healing practice.

Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-1-63413-961-8
Publisher: Publish Green
Publication Date: 3/8/2016

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