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Accident: Michigan's Insurance Model for America

By John Prosser
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Format: Softcover
ISBN 13: 978-1-5456225-5-1
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Number of Pages: 110
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 2/27/2018



When the state of Michigan set up its unique auto insurance system in 1973, they probably didn’t know it would become the gold standard for insurance in all of the United States. People around the country continue to lack access to essential medical care that could dramatically improve their quality of life. They are filing for bankruptcy due to their unpaid medical bills; meanwhile their medical providers are struggling to make ends meet with perpetually dwindling reimbursements. Michigan has a successful model for insurance that solves these problems while creating thousands of jobs and saving billions in Medicaid costs, with a $20 billion fund to prove it. 


“With over 25 years of experience helping accident victims and their families, John Prosser II has witnessed the stark contrast between what’s available under Michigan’s robust no-fault automobile insurance and every other system around the country, all of which leave the survivors underserved. These experiences have made him passionate about creating resources for those who are suffering without them. He believes the time has come for all Americans to have access to lifetime care."



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