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Just Show Up

By Dottie Joslyn
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Format: Softcover
ISBN 13: 9781545647370
Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Publication Date: 10/30/2018

Just Show Up explores life as it is for many of us in the areas of love, loss, family, nature, social consciousness, and just living day to day. Dottie lost her son, Chris to suicide, and many of the poems celebrate his life and serve as a record of his death and her responses to the many phases of grief. Living in Nature is another topic in this book that opens the heart to joy. Dottie has also suffered bouts of depression, and she takes us through her rise from illness to wellness. But life is celebrated in the pages of this book, too, because after everything is said and done, life is good.

“As a poet and editor, I was grateful to be able to read Dottie Joslyn’s Just Show Up, a book written by a grown woman of great eloquence and hard-won wisdom. Whether she’s exploring how our lives change over time, meditating on the vagaries of romantic attachment, finding surprise and sustenance in nature, or demonstrating the fierce and compassionate maternal love that grapples with great loss, Dottie Joslyn summons us to be present and accounted for in our own lives, day by day—to ‘reach out your hand/and pull yourself in.’ Her poetry reaches out its hand to you. It will pull you in.”
--David Groff 

Dottie Joslyn is a retired Certified Applied Poetry Facilitator in the field of Poetry Therapy, Certified Journal Facilitator, and Journal to the Self® Instructor. She worked with chronically mental ill people in her roles as poetry and journal facilitators. Her poems have appeared in: American Tanka, Buffalo Bones, Poetry from the Trail Ridge Writers, Wellness & Writing Connections Newsletter, Beginning Again: Creative Responses to Poetry of Presence, and Gyroscope Review.

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