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LonWorks Installation Handbook

By Ron Bernstein and LonMark Germany
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN 13: 978-0-615-37794-0
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Publisher: LonMark International
Publication Date: 7/15/2010

The LONWORKS Installation Handbook provides a practical introduction to decentralized LONWORKS automation networks and describes in detail its implementation in the most varied systems found in building automation, with particular reference to electrical installation. The book begins with an introduction to bus technology and to cross-system building automation. Following this, the LONWORKS environment is presented: from the technology provider and the interest groups dealing with the technology, through to details on hardware and software, protocols, nodes, communication principles and topology ... and all this directly related to practice. A whole chapter is dedicated to installation guidelines; others deal with integration using customary tools. In the appendices, numerous Standard Network Variable Types (SNVTs) are defined, and common scenarios drawn from lighting technology, sun protection and single room control are comprehensively described.

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