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The Greatest Source of Energy

A New Theory of Time

By Lamont Williams
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Publisher: McNair and Williams Publishing
Publication Date: 12/8/2010

The Greatest Source of Energy describes a new method for combining the two most powerful theories in science—General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics—into what is known as the Theory of Everything. The foundation of the method is a new model of time—called Temporal Energy Theory—that unites the view of time as a relative phenomenon with the view of time as an absolute and universal phenomenon. If Temporal Energy Theory is proven to be correct, it will have redeemed Newton’s idea of a universal background clock, without taking anything away from Einstein’s idea that time is relative. The benefits of successfully combining General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are endless, but a way to make this connection has been elusive for many years. The Greatest Source of Energy breaks new ground in the intense work on unification and may put us on a path to a better understanding of the universe.

Lamont Williams is a science and medical writer from the southern New Jersey/Philadelphia metropolitan area.