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Becoming the Iceman

Pushing Past Perceived Limits

By Wim Hof and Justin Rosales
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In this book you will learn the following:

- The story behind The Iceman (Wim Hof) - How someone else (Justin Rosales) trained to become like The Iceman - Exclusive methods and exercises to teach YOU how to become like The Iceman using a step-by-step guide! - How to push past your perceived limits!

For many generations, we have been taught to fear the cold:

“Don’t forget your jacket! You don’t want hypothermia, do you?”

“Put your gloves on before you get frostbite!”

Of course, these are consequences of extreme cold exposure, but with the proper understanding, anyone can learn to use the cold as a natural teacher.

Becoming the Iceman is a project inspired by Wim Hof and Justin Rosales to show the world that everyone is capable of controlling their body temperature through conditioning the mind and the body. It is all a matter of perception.

Like any new tool, you must understand how it works before you can use it efficiently. This pertains to the cold as well. Wim is the epitome of what can happen if someone uses the cold to train the body -- and now it is possible for you to do the same!

Format: MOBI
ISBN 13: 978-1-937600-53-2
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 12/1/2011

Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-1-937600-54-9
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 12/1/2011

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