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Beyond Technique: Painting with Passion

By Alvaro Castagnet
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The philosophy of this book is to help the reader to go beyond learning watercolor techniques by illustrating and explaining the elusive side of painting. In Beyond Technique: Painting With Passion, artists, students and educators will learn to express a subjects essence, its particular sense of place, mood and atmosphere; as the main motive in their own artwork – so as to improve and develop their own personal style of watercolor painting.

Six chapters, rich in content, contain a generous selection of stunning watercolor paintings, with detailed, informative captions, expanding on the key points discussed throughout. Included are four step-by-step demonstrations, covering a variety of subjects, such as a landscape, a boat scene, a streetscape and a still life; sure to excite and build confidence in the reader. This exceptional book is full of insight, anecdotes and helpful advice from a highly perceptive artist, who will convey to the reader key concepts of watercolor painting to achieve magic in a way that is full of passion, quality and integrity.

As an expressive painter, Alvaro portrays a strong impressive and colorful style with superb interpretation of light effects, capturing the soul of the places he paints. Therefore, he is one of the world most highly respected watercolorist. Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Alvaro attended the National School of Arts, and later studied at the Fine Arts University. His watercolor technique reached the highest level in Australia, where he had lived for twenty years thereafter.

Alvaro has been recognized with top honors in major art competitions around the world, including three awards and medals, from the prestigious American Watercolor Society. In 2010 he was awarded at the Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition. Alvaro is a member of numerous national and international art associations and his work is widely sought after; gracing the walls of many private and corporate collectors worldwide. He has been holding solo exhibitions since 1985.

Author of Watercolor Painting with Passion, and Beyond Technique: Painting With Passion, as well as the successful series of “The Passionate Painter” DVDs, and the designer of his own set of brushes and other art materials; Alvaro is invited to contribute to acclaimed national and international art magazine publications.

As a highly respected international speaker & judge, Alvaro lectures, demonstrates and conducts workshops that are very successful. He has a brisk impressionist style with a great ability to capture the vitality of a scene. Traveling the world, painting “plein air”, has contributed to his developing a very fluent and distinctive style; making him one of the most versatile and accomplished watercolorist of his generation. Alvaro’s main studio is now located in Montevideo, Uruguay. He may be contacted at

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