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Master the Matrix

7 Essentials for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations

By Susan Finerty
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Publication Date: 1/10/2012


Here’s the test:
- Do you have multiple bosses (one may be referred to as “solid line” and others as a “dotted line”)?
- Do you depend on a variety of resources throughout the organization to get your tasks done, and do these resources report into other people, teams or organizations?

If you answered "yes" to either of these you work in a matrix role—whether your organization calls itself a matrix or not. You get results by navigating either a matrix above or surrounding you.

Matrix roles are everywhere. The field customer contact person who has to work through a maze of resources to write contracts, negotiate delivery and troubleshoot product issues is in a matrix role. The product manager in Italy who is simultaneously accountable for numbers in her country, region and business unit despite the fact they are in conflict, is in a matrix role. And the HR person who reports to a globalized HR function, with a dotted line to the head of the business they support? Yes, again a matrix role.

Master the Matrix: 7 Essentials for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations is based on the experiences and ideas of over 100 matrix practioners. The frameworks, ideas and tips cover matrix mastery from:

You have to Start with Partnerships: Essential #1; Partnerships are forged to Get Goals Aligned, Roles Clear and Decisions Made: Essentials #2, 3, and 4; All of this requires you to : Flex Your Influence Muscle, Communicate without Assumption and Treat Meetings like they Matter: Essentials #5, 6 and 7.

Susan Finerty is the author of Master the Matrix:  7 Essentials for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations.  After 15 years in corporate roles, she started her own consulting practice in 2004.  She is a speaker, coach and consultant specializing in matrix management, but consults on all types of organizational, team and individual effectiveness topics.  She has held adjunct faculty roles at Northwestern and Loyola Universities.  She holds a B.A. in Journalism from Central Michigan University and an M.A. in Organizational Communication from Indiana University.  She resides in suburban Chicago.

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The Cross-Functional Influence Playbook

By Susan Z. Finerty
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Publisher: MCP Books
Publication Date: 5/3/2016

The problems we face, decisions we make and projects we run are complex. Very rarely do they all reside neatly in one function, team or location.

The Cross-Functional Influence Playbook introduces a simple model for getting things done across an organization. This approach covers the things you do every day to build your level of influence (Build Proactively) and those you apply to specific influence opportunities (In-the-Moment).

The Playbook is divided into four parts. Part One: Learning to Influence provides stories, tips and ideas on the what it takes to influence cross-functionally. Part Two: Worksheets & Assessments provides tools for assessing and analyzing your past, present and current approaches to influence. Part Three: The Influence Planner takes all the concepts presented in Parts One and Two and puts them into a template that you can complete as you prepare to influence. Part Four: The Influence Journal provides space to track your process, impact and learning.

Susan Finerty is the author of The Cross-Functional Influence Playbook and Master the Matrix: 7 Essential for Getting Things Done in Complex Organizations. In 2004, she founded a consulting practice focused on designing and implementing change, helping teams work effectively together and coaching individuals on communication, influence and leadership. She now focuses exclusively on helping complex, matrix organizations and their employees maximize effectiveness and manage complexity through keynote presentations, workshops and assessments. 

Prior to her consultancy, she worked in organization development positions in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Susan has held adjunct faculty roles at Northwestern University and currently teaches Influence Without Authority at University Wisconsin-Madison School of Business.

She has a BA from Central Michigan University and an MA from Indiana University. Ms. Finerty resides in suburban Chicago.

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