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In Arms and Idleness

By Emmett E Slake
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IN ARMS AND IDLENESS is a war story, the likes of which, you have never heard. A dramatic fictional account of the early stages of the Korean War and an unaffected view of the sordid aspects of garrison life in Japan. The novel features a diverse cast of characters, military and civilian, caught up in the fateful events of the mid-twentieth moment, compelling each of them to contend with a wide range of moral dilemmas that includes courage and cowardice, misbehavior and intrigue, love and lust. In essence a tragic tale of two young soldiers caught up in the cross currents of history, presented without pretense or sentimentality. Complementing the gripping drama is a biting commentary that traces the military progress of the conflict, and challenges many of the commonly accepted perceptions about the Korean War. The novel stands as a unique work of fiction—skillfully composed by a veteran of the "Forgotten War."    

The author of In Arms and Idleness, Emmett E. Slake, served in the United States Army for thirty years and is a veteran of the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-1-938008-47-4
Publisher: Publish Green
Publication Date: 1/1/1900

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ISBN 13: 978-1-938008-46-7
Publisher: Publish Green
Publication Date: 1/1/1900

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