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Dott’s Wonderful Travels and Adventures

By Malve von Hassell
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When Dott sneaks out to see the bonfire at the edge of her village, she has no idea what will happen next. In the dark of night, the magical Rennefarre flower falls into her shoe. It not only makes her invisible, but allows her to understand the language of the animals and to see things no one else could see. No longer able to stay with her parents and her young brother and sister, she begins her search to find a way of out of her curious situation.

Her quest to return home to her family winds its way through the cities and countryside of 20th century Germany--and beyond. As she befriends the local animals, they help her on her way with gifts of food, shelter, and--through the help of a kind spirit--a magical cup which allows her to become small and ride on the back of the birds. Flying across the country with her best friends, a scruffy crow and an elegant heron, she always has one goal in mind: returning home to her family.

Malve von Hassell is a freelance writer, researcher, and translator. She holds a Ph. D. in anthropology from the New School for Social Research. Working as an independent scholar, she published several books and journal articles, in particular, The Struggle for Eden: Community Gardens in New York City (Bergin & Garvey 2002) and Homesteading in New York City 1978-1993: The Divided Heart of Loisaida (Bergin & Garvey 1996). She has also edited her grandfather Ulrich von Hassell's memoirs written in prison in 1944, Der Kreis schließt sich - Aufzeichnungen aus der Haft 1944 (Propylaen Verlag 1994). She has taught at Queens College, Baruch College, Pace University, and Suffolk County Community College, while continuing her work as a translator and writer. She has published a children’s picture book, Letters from the Tooth Fairy (Mill City Press, 2012), and completed a manuscript for a historical fiction book set in the 13th century for young adults, Falconello. She is working on a historical fiction novel set in Jerusalem in the time of the crusades.

Format: ePub
ISBN 13: 978-1-938690-40-2
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Publication Date: 12/11/2012

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ISBN 13: 978-1-938690-39-6
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Publication Date: 12/11/2012

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