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A Guide to Teaching Language Arts in Waldorf Schools Grades 1 through 3


Format: (Softcover)
ISBN 13: 9781545660232
Trim Size: 8.5 x 11
Number of Pages: 628
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 02/13/2019

Finally!-Clear guidance on how to teach reading, writing, and spelling. 

One of the most important tasks teachers and homeschool parents face in the early grades is teaching students the fundamental language skills that underlie all future learning. Fortunately, there is a guide to traversing this territory: The Roadmap to Literacy. This book presents the key phases students must master to become literate. The Roadmap to Literacy introduces these phases and provides: 

-The essential concepts and skills that students need to learn in each phase, including an entire section on Phonics Rules 

-Key pitfalls to avoid 

-Ideas to introduce new concepts in an imaginative and lively way 

-Fun and effective practice activities to help students solidify skills 

-Comprehensive lesson planning 

-Easy ways to assess the program's efficacy 

-How to handle common remedial issues 

The Roadmap to Literacy provides educators and parents all of the information necessary to teach their students the skills of reading, writing, grammar, and spelling so that they will be able to meet the demands of the upper grades-and beyond. 

Janet Langley received a B.A. in Waldorf education from Rudolf Steiner College (1993). She graduated two Waldorf Classes (in 2001 and 2008). She has been a mentor teacher for 20+ years and taught at Rudolf Steiner College and The Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training. Janet offers numerous workshops on teaching literacy and is co-creator 

Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl has a B.A. in Russian Studies (Grand Valley State University 1994), two years of graduate studies in Slavic Languages and Literatures (University of Kansas), and Waldorf teacher certification (Rudolf Steiner College Fair Oaks 2005). She is a private remedial specialist with a background in Lindamood-Bell reading remediation, the author of the sequel to The Roadmap to Literacy, and the creator of 


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