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A Sparkle in Their Eyes

Raising Talented, Diverse Students in STEAM Careers

By Dr. Veronica A. Wilkerson-Johnson
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Format: (eBook)
ISBN 13: 9781662871504
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 05/16/2023

Format: (Softcover)
ISBN 13: 9781662871498
Trim Size: 6 x 9
Number of Pages: 150
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 05/10/2023

Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math (STEAM) have existed since time began, and revolutionized the world. Many current advancements in society were made possible by professionals in these fields. While many students aspire to have STEM/STEAM careers, there is inequity in the number of people of color and women in these professions. African American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian, Arabic, and Pacific Islander populations, as well as women of all cultures, still lag behind in taking their rightful places in the innovative fields of STEM and the Arts (STEAM). In this primer, Dr. Veronica A. Wilkerson-Johnson provides an in-depth look at how parents help their children reach their highest potential in these ever-important fields. The personal narratives she shares in this primer engagingly inspire parents, mentors, and the community alike to guide their students in meaningful experiences, and identify resources and networks that will propel them to academic and career success. This primer inspires multicultural and first generation students far and wide who love STEM and the Arts! Together, let us as parents, mentors and the broader community help them achieve their educational and career goals, the new discoveries they will dream, the legacies they will create - the Sparkles in Their Eyes!

Dr. Veronica A. Wilkerson-Johnson is an educator, advocate and champion for diverse students, women and first-generation students seeking STEAM careers. Veronica established a government and community relations office for the University of Michigan, where for years she directed outstanding educational programs across the capitol City of Lansing, Michigan and beyond.



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