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Restitution of the Seeress

By Josephine MacMillan, M.A.
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ISBN 13: 9780989283113
Publisher: Belladonna Media

This book identifies women’s psychic skills and ritual ceremonies as ancient and contemporary tools for creating a more viable Earth community in the present and future. This inquiry explores the author’s hypothesis that some females’ psychic abilities are used as tools for reinventing, reclaiming, or re-invoking the human that creates, nurtures, and sustains life. Using the organic inquiry research method, this hypothesis was explored and defined through a master's thesis co-research process from spring 2002 through spring 2006. It is comprised of the stories of professional female psychics in the San Francisco Bay Area. Restitution of the Seeress emerges from the author’s fifteen years as a female practitioner of clairvoyance and energetic or spiritual healing, and thirteen years as a priestess facilitating rites of passage, including ceremonies honoring birth, menstruation, marriage, divorce, and death.

Josephine MacMillan has had a full-time practice as a professional clairvoyant and energy worker in Berkeley, CA since 1991 and has been researching and writing on seership and mediumship since 1988. She's combined this information with her work as a ritual priestess since 1992. Jo received a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion from the Women’s Spirituality Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. Her academic research and teachings on the ancient global history of female shamanism and women’s spiritual leadership examines the foundation of traditions from which her practice emerges as a contemporary seeress, trancemedium and subtle energetic healer. Jo is also the executive director of Belladonna ( and the creator of FairyCamp (, an ecomagical arts and sciences program for children.


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