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The Apostasy of Marriage

How to Tell If It's Really Over

By Servant C. D. Bennett
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ISBN 13: 9781626526341
Publisher: Two Harbors Press

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How does anyone know if their marriage is truly beyond saving?

Marriage is a blessed union. However, it’s clear that many married people experience significant levels of dissatisfaction and unhappiness, to the point where ending the marriage becomes a viable option.

If your marriage has reached this level of unhappiness, The Apostasy of Marriage is the turning point you’ve been looking for.

Designed as a resource for men and women alike, Pastor Bennett will help you understand the critical questions and issues that plague many marriages:

• What principles did God establish for marriage?

• How does crossing the boundaries of marriage impact your relationship?

• Can the damage of the common abuses that occur during a marriage be repaired?

Even if the light of your marriage under God may have greatly dimmed, The Apostasy of Marriage is the beacon that can help renew your commitment and shared love with your spouse, restoring both hope and healing to your relationship.

About Pastor Clifton D. Bennett, Servant



Pastor Clifton D. Bennett, Founder, Pastor, Teacher, Preacher, Innovator, and most recently Author, which all amounts to his greatest calling and position in life Servant, has been laboring in the aforementioned positions for the past twenty-eight years.


At the age of nineteen he began his work in the human industry where he has been investing into the lives of others through promoting positive change in individuals and their communities one person at a time. Pastor Bennett, who has been called to urban communities, has been toiling to create ongoing opportunities through education, outreach, spiritual rehabilitation, social development and awareness, and employment opportunities through successful partnerships and mentor relations.


He received his A.A.S degree from Heald Business College, and his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of San Francisco. He used his education and experiences to work for Fortune 500 companies, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and TYCO (formerly Raychem). He also holds a number of certificates and awards for his faithful commitment to community, and for outstanding community service over the past twenty-eight years.


Pastor Bennett currently serves his community as a Sr. Police Chaplain, Pastor of Walls of Faith Ministries, Director of Ministries at Bayshore Christian Ministries, Community Liaison for Youth NGO, and Servant to God’s Kingdom.


Pastor C. D. Bennett identifies his most prestigious accomplishments as his family, Walls of Faith Ministries, founding organization C.R.A.D.I.L, 1st Edition The Apostasy of Marriage, Mentor, and Spiritual Advisor to many at-risk youth and young adults.


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