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Conception is a Battle: To Win is the essence of our existence on Planet Earth

By M.D.Webb Jr
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ISBN 13: 9781634130332
Publisher: Publish Green
Publication Date: 08/12/2014


 This is the story of us. How we got here. Told in two dimensions, the Real World, and Inner Space. Michael and Lisa, husband and wife have been trying for 5 years to conceive. Her powerful antibodies are killing Michaels Sperm.  Frustrated, and distraught, Lisa leaves Michael.  Michael has no answer for this problem.


Inside Michael in Inner Space lives Captain Gameta.  Captain of millions of legions and Michaels Chief Sperm.  The responsibility of conception is Captain Gametas.  For five long years he has also watched his troops destroyed by those vicious anti bodies called Acid Defenders. Like Michael, Gamata also has deep internal problems with his Lisa leaving him for no reason, Repro is demanding him to solve the problem and now he has been summoned by the General at HQ to possible be replaced, demoted, or retired.

 Gameta tells the story of conception, the journey, experiences and ultimate sacrifice made through his eyes.



                                                            Authors Bio


M.D. Webb Jr (Melvin David Webb Jr) is from Detroit, MI. Attended Virginia State University and graduated with a B.S. degree in Health and Physical Education. In 1993 he recieved a Master Degree in Education at Georgia State University.


Melvin has traveled extensively throughout the world doing mission work and projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Melbourne, Australia, Cochin India, and water projects in Ghana West Africa.


During 2010, Melvin Produced his first short film “Prove Me” that tackled poverty in the United States and discussed solutions the could decrease the cycle that causes poverty.


“Fight For Life” is his first story to be published.  It’s a Romantic Galactic Sci-Fi that focuses on conception.  The story is told in two dimensions, the Real World (reality) and Inner Space, (inside the body), inside Michael.  Michael has the burden of trying to impregnate his wife Lisa. What he doesn’t know is Captain Gameta, Michael’s chief sperm ultimately has the responsibility to get at least on soldier inside Planet Ovaria. This story is unusual because it’s told from the sperms point of view.


The inspiration for such a story took place in Ghana West Africa. A friend and his wife were having trouble concieving.  The idea of the process of conception told from the sperms point of view was created.

 Melvin likes to focus on events that happen before our eyes but go unnoticed.

His passion is reading stories that uplift humanity. His hope is to write stories and produce films that give humanity hope. He is fond of saying “The Mission is the Vision”.


He lives in Stone Mountain, Ga where he enjoys writing, reading, producing, traveling, and spending time with his family and grandchildren. 


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