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The Verne Legacy

By Tom Ford
Price: $14.95
Price: $5.99

Format: (eBook)
ISBN 13: 9781634139007
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 12/15/2015

Format: (Softcover)
ISBN 13: 9781634138987
LCCN: 2015918872
Number of Pages: 227
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 11/24/2015

Richard Pours, Philadelphia resident and new college grad, is excited to find his first job. But despite his 4.0 GPA, master’s degree, and secret photographic memory, no one will hire him—until a mysterious letter arrives offering him $300,000 to be the recorder on an expedition. Stranger yet, when he arrives for his interview, he doesn’t have to convince anyone that he is right for the job.

After his unusual interview, Richard is whisked away to meet his travel companions. An impressive mix of doctors specializing in a variety of sciences—and a musician—will accompany Richard on his expedition, which will take them to lands unseen since the dawn of time. The voyage has barely begun when Richard discovers that he’s not the only one aboard who has unique abilities—and the uncanny similarities between him and his colleagues don’t end there.

Tom Ford, born in 1949 in Chicago, currently lives in a suburb of Chicago with his wife, Janice. The proud father of three and grandfather of five enjoys telling stories and recounting his vivid dreams—including the one that became this book. He is a recipient of a Bronze Star, from his tour in Vietnam. A percentage of any profits from his books will be donated to The Wounded Warrior Project.



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