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Been There, Done WHAT!


By John Cameron Smith
Price: $2.99

Format: (eBook)
ISBN 13: 9781635051421
Number of Pages: 264
Publisher: Publish Green
Publication Date: 03/08/2016

69 Year old John Smith decides to settle down and find a wife and is suddenly diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer. Realizing that life is short he decides to seize the day. He pursues an internet romance with a doctor in China, marries and returns to Australia but separates 3 years later. Then goes to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, finds a new companion, brings her home to another unfortunate relationship. He has an unusual talent for writing disarmingly candid emails chronicling: insightful, poignant and amusing observations about daily life in interesting and/or dangerous places; different cultures; quirky people; medical issues; dogs; sailing, kayaking, camping, a romantic friendship. He lives among poorly paid workers and criticizes the subculture of Western exiles who exploit Asian poverty. This autobiographical book includes compelling anecdotes and emails, often written under primitive conditions, many cliff-hangers leaving concerned friends anxious for the next update.

Australian born, never accepted the status quo, sociable and compulsive writer of amusing emails to long term friends, left home at 21 with £65 ($200) and a ticket to Hong Kong with no job prospects. From there worked primarily in advertising in South Africa, Europe, Canada, achieving award winning financial success in the USA, sharing his life with beautiful women and stray dogs. Returned home at 36 to become a papaya farmer, dabbled in real estate, retired at 50, adventuring cross-country in a beat-up van, extreme sailing offshore, kayaking with crocodiles. A lifetime of unusual experiences: sailing an out of control Sampan in Hong Kong Harbor into a US Aircraft Carrier; arriving in South Africa, giving his travel-stained clothes to a washerwoman who never returned, driving a tour bus in Europe, exploring Majorca with his mother on a motor scooter, writing a book in Mexico, at 69 seeking romance in Asia, visiting a primitive farm in Laos, foiling a con man in Pattaya and many more.


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