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Take This Journey With Me

Poems from the Laboratory of John Turner

By John Turner
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Format: (eBook)
ISBN 13: 9781937928902
Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Publication Date: 09/04/2012

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ISBN 13: 9781937928322
LCCN: 2012931691
Trim Size: 7 x 10
Number of Pages: 142
Publisher: Two Harbors Press

A collection of poems that endeavors to take you through the journey of life; as it was in the past, as it is in the present, and as it believes it will be, in the future.

John Turner is from a small town 45 miles southwest of Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up in a large family. His mother, whom he loved so dearly, died in 2003. The book entitled, Take This Journey With Me, is the first of many, fiction as well as nonfiction, in which he plans to write. In this his first book, which has 100 chapters, in what is essentially 100 poems, this book of poetry, explores situations and emotions that we all can relate to as fellow citizens, on this planet we call Earth.

Growing up with little means, and in a small town, offered him the opportunity to analyze the way life was then and the way it is now. His observations are beautifully and poetically expressed in this wonderful award winning book. This book will resonate with anyone who enjoys the comfort of reading, as it indeed offers, universal appeal.

John Turner spent much of his early childhood with his brothers; playing all kinds of different sports. But the one that they all enjoyed playing together the most, was basketball. He also played in basketball as well in baseball leagues, as a youth. But some of his most fond memories were sitting around with his brothers, making up stories to tell to the others, and then offer expressions as to who told the most compelling one at the time.

A note from the author:
Hello, I am John Turner. I have just written and published my first book. It is entitled "Take This Journey With Me" --Poems from the Laboratory of John Turner. I am currently, working on volume two, to be out, hopefully, by spring of 2014.

I want to thank you for finding me here and thank you for your consideration of buying this book that I have written. And I hope that the words that I have written will be words that will make you "feel" my desire to comfort you, as you pick up my book of 100 poems and not let it down.

I want to share a personal story with you. The story begins with me walking to school one day. The school that I am walking to is my elementary school. The walk, the walk is a distance of about 150 yards from my front porch. Yes, I can see the school building right from my very front porch.

But as I am going to school on this day,I cannot help but wonder what the future will be like. I wonder if the world will someday be the world that we all long to see. A world of love and peace and tranquility. I also wonder, if I can help to bring about such a world. Afterall, we all think we can change the world, don't we. Surely, we all see the reality of the way things are, that through the moments of peace and quiet, there is too too much noise upon our globe, this beautiful earth that we live upon. Hurtful noise.

How can I, I wondered, how can I help to change the world. As I sat in the classroom, I daydreamed about tomorrow, and as I looked outside the window, I saw myself in the future. What I saw brought tears. What I saw brought me joy. And I just sat there, and daydreamed. 

It was okay for me to daydream, for it was a time for everyone to remain quiet, study time, as it was called. But all I could do, was study and observe the stillness all around, and yet reflect on the fact that somewhere else, upon the globe, was uncontrolled movement. Uncontrolled actions. Uncontrolled tears. And uncontrolled misery and pain. 

Those thoughts that I had back then, as I sat in that classroom, they were thoughts of how I was feeling at the time. My feelings haven't changed. Today, I still feel the same. I still long to see the day when happiness will flourish upon the earth. I long to see a time when there will be no more sorrow. No more tears. And no more pain.

And now that I have arrived in the future, as I reflect back on yesterday, I hope that you daydream with me about tomorrow as you enjoy this book that I have written. 

And as you read it..I wonder if...



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