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Feng Shui

Truths, Myths & Misconceptions

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Format: (eBook)
ISBN 13: 9781938564543
Publisher: Mill City Press
Publication Date: 07/06/2012

With hundreds of feng shui books in the market and more information on the internet, often with contradicting principles, it has become very difficult to decipher what is true feng shui. “The more books I read, the more confused I have become” has been the common experience. In this book the authors, internationally known feng shui scholars as well as consultants; use a “question and answer” format to introduce feng shui as the philosophy and knowledge of environmental design of all scales; from global and regional, through city, down to a house and a room. The first chapter introduces the origin of feng shui, its evolving history, the fundamental philosophy and theory, and the design and application principle. The subsequent chapters answer most commonly asked questions, clarifying misconceptions and demystifying the many erroneous beliefs. This book is an easy read. The writing will quickly resonate with you.  It will clarify your doubts and confusions about feng shui. “Now this makes sense to me” will be the anticipated response. After all, feng shui principles follow natural and universal principles, and thus common sense principles. True knowledge should resonate with you, as you are also part of nature. This is the first feng shui book one should read, and a must read feng shui book.  


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