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Miles From Nowhere

An inevitable journey of love and self-discovery

By Victoria Takács
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Format: Softcover
ISBN 13: 978-0-9979875-0-8
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Number of Pages: 132
Publisher: Victoria Takacs
Publication Date: 6/13/2017

We all have an immortal soul, and that soul wants to improve and evolve, with or without our conscious consent. During a long span of my lifetime, I was blissfully and unconsciously living the high life, with no game plan. This could very well be viewed as reckless or stupid. Still, during all those years a deeply hidden constant stayed with me. I have no recollection of urgency or concern in discovering what subliminally pestered me, only the will to continue. Intuitively I somehow knew I would find the truth, so I persevered. In some way I was not weighed down with “what ifs”. Like “Goldilocks”, I simply moved forward to “try out the next scenario”. I am not suggesting this to be an admirable or ideal approach. Ultimately, by God’s grace, I was cradled and protected from inciting my own extermination, reason enough to live the rest of my days in unending gratitude. It is a choice that requires sacrifice, continuous commitment and discipline but is certainly worth the endeavor!

Victoria Takács was born in Wilmington, Delaware, where she attended Wilmington Friends School from Kindergarten through tenth grade.  After high school, and a brief attempt at college, she took a two-week vacation to Mexico, from which she did not return for 12 years.  The story of her life has been one with many inspirational twists and turns, thus insisting on being told.  Victoria is a writer, former high school Spanish teacher and certified yoga instructor.  She holds a degree in Spanish, specializing in simultaneous interpretation and literary translation.  She is a mother and a grandmother and currently resides in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where she teaches meditation and yoga.

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