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Beloved Warriors Boot Camp

Biblical Strength Training to overcome Condemnation, Comparison, Criticism, and Compromise; Instead developing a Courageous Heart, Confidence, Compassion and Godly Character

By Sara Lasley Robertson
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Publication Date: 3/27/2018

BELOVED WARRIORS BOOT CAMP is a 4 week Bible study designed to develop women to be victorious followers of Christ. Ephesians 6 describes the spiritual armor we have for this journey. Strengthening that warrior under the armor is key to victory. On one side of the battle the enemy tries to keep the warrior in bondage but our Savior has victory for each of us.

Week 1: Condemnation vs Courageous Heart

Week 2: Comparison vs Confidence

Week 3: Criticism vs Compassion

Week 4: Compromise vs Character

Each week through the online videos and this workbook you will be strengthened, empowered with God’s Truth, trained to walk with the Holy Spirit, and encouraged to be a Beloved Warrior for Jesus. This study is best suited for a small group setting because Beloved Warriors believes that each heart and mind in the group has value to add to the conversation about the internal battles we experience. Also in this workbook, Sara transparently shares about her own personal struggles, broken relationships, and personal attacks that were meant for destruction but instead have come to strengthen her personal relationship with her beloved Savior. Five daily devotionals follow each chapter that will assist you in developing intimacy with Jesus by focusing on prayer, God’s Word, and the battle. Beloved Warrior, you are not alone in this battle! Lace up your boots and join us in this training march to victory!

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