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For Authors

How MyBookOrders.Com Works For Authors

  • My provides affordable book fulfillment services to authors.
  • We build professional looking order pages that features your book cover and synopsis.
  • You can track orders with our online sales reports and promotion code tracking system.
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For Publishers

How MyBookOrders.Com Works For Publishers

  • provides the structure to manage fulfillment orders for all your authors.
  • We provide a custom back-end administrative console for management and monitoring of sales.
  • Utilize monthly reports to view sales, costs, and profits across individual and entire imprint sales.
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For Readers

How MyBookOrders.Com Works For Readers

  • You can purchase a book directly from any independent publisher or author we work with.
  • All orders are 100% secure and encrypted.
  • You choose the method of delivery. Even the least expensive method can be tracked.