Fulfillment Storage Details

The MyBookOrders.com fulfillment service includes storage of up to 1/2 (half) pallet of books. A half pallet traditionally* contains 32 cartons of books. Depending on each book's dimensions the number of books in a carton varies. Please contact your printer or shipper to learn your carton quantity.

If you require storage over 1/2 pallet of books, we offer additional storage in 1/4 (quarter) pallet increments. Each additional 1/4 pallet of storage is $4.50/month. Additional storage is billed monthly. Outstanding storage fees are deducted from monthly royalties before receiving your payment.

*If books are not packaged in standard book cartons this statement may not apply. The final quantity of books that will fit on a 1/2 pallet will not be known until inventory reaches our warehouse. Any estimates, related to the quantity of books that will fit on a pallet, provided in advance are not guaranteed.